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How to setup an email alias in Linux with Sendmail system installed August 16, 2010

Posted by jbanju in LINUX CentOS.

1. Login with root user ID
2. Edit the /etc/aliases file (with vi editor)
3. Append / change an email alias in this format

alias_name: email_id1 [, email_id2,] …

E.g. append this new email alias to the /etc/aliases

blogadmin: walkernews@walkernews.net, assist@walkernews.net

4. Save and exit the alias file
5. Execute the newaliases command followed by echo $? (suppose there is no error found, you will get a 0 returned by the echo command).
Alternatively, you can execute the equivalent sendmail -bi command (since this is a Sendmail system)

By now, you should test and confirm the works done so far. E.g. send an email to the email alias:

mail -s “testing with aliases name blogadmin” blogadmin

Mission completed if you the email in both inboxes (in this example, these are walkernews@walkernews.net and assist@walkernews.net).

Remark :

root:           /dev/null #Send root mail to null



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